We develop and support specific projects and civil society initiatives compliant with the Foundation's social empowerment objectives. It provides funding, communication tools / platforms as well as tactical and operational support to an array of activities initiated by NGO's and civil society promoting the required changes in Lebanese society.


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The Lebanon Renaissance Foundation Award
Lebanon, 2017

The Lebanon Renaissance Foundation established an endowment account at the American University of Beirut to be known as Lebanon Renaissance Foundation Award. This endowment account shall be maintained by the American University of Beirut, a 501 (c) (3) corporation in the State of New York.

The Endowment was initiated in August 2010 and its proceeds are being awarded on a yearly basis to one or more graduating students in Political Studies, History, Economics or Sociology and Media Studies with highest academic achievements.

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Sustainable Democratic Center
Lebanon, 2013

The Lebanon Renaissance Foundation supported The Sustainable Democracy Center (SDC), a Lebanese NGO established in 2002 which purpose is to educate and empower citizens, regardless of their religious, political and geographical affiliation, towards a more harmonious and peaceful coexistence. A SDC profiler was designed alongside a bilingual presentation for a May-October 2013 program entitled “Participation beyond age…peace beyond fear” in which children aged 13+ are coming together with the common belief that they should overcome the fear of “the other”. This initiative will help establish “Citizenship and Peace Youths Clubs” in collaboration with different schools and organizations. 

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Lebanon, 2012

The Lebanon Renaissance Foundation supported MARCH in its launch phase. MARCH is a Lebanese non-governmental organization, actively seeking to safe keep the tenets of a peaceful and prosperous Lebanon by applying the rule of law, exercising the constitution and respecting Human Rights. MARCH’s primary’s objective is to instill a genuine respect for national and civic duties and rights, and freedom of expression; the latter being the main focus within an integrated initiative against censorship.  

Support has included the design of MARCH corporate identity and website, in addition to other branding material. 

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Teach for Lebanon
Lebanon, 2009

In conjunction with our private sector partners, the Foundation supported Teach for Lebanon – part of the Teach for All global initiative. Teach for Lebanon aims to eliminate educational inequality while fostering youth leadership and promoting civic engagement by enlisting the nation’s most promising leaders to teach for two years in Lebanon’s most under-performing schools.  

Support has included the design and development of Teach for Lebanon’s branding and corporate identity, as well as materials such as handbooks, credentials and posters. The Foundation also supported printing and other technical services.