Why was LRF established in the US?
Being a US registered organization adds more credibility because of strict regulation requirements favoring transparency and accountability, usually required by contributors. Moreover, our US tax favorable treatment provides an extra incentive to Lebanese-American Diaspora whose contributions will be tax exempted.


Aren't you extremely ambitious?
No single “silver bullet” can solve the Lebanon problems. It takes a large number of focused actions, on various levels, to change the socio-political culture in Lebanon. Therefore, LRF aims at leading this change process and expects most of the impact to come within a 5-10 year horizon. We do, however, expect positive impact through a series of “tactical” actions.


Who has been financing LRF up to now?
As stated in our 1-on-1 presentation, Quantum Group has been financing the foundation since inception. Private contributors have joined since 2011. LRF is also seeking funds from institutional and non-political donors.


How and on which projects will the funds be used?
The scope of activities of LRF has been broadly pre-defined in the 1-on-1 presentation and in our public intents. Our governance structure is tactically prioritizing programs which have to be activated first as per State of our State index. This also depends on funding capabilities and resources


What levels of participation and benefits does a contributor get?

  • A dedicated Liaisons Officer for all matters pertaining to the foundation.
  • Priceless fulfillment in contributing to a better and secured Lebanon
  • Possibility to apply for appointment to the Board of Directors, Initiatives and Advisory council, subject to the Foundation rules & procedures
  • Possibility to request allocation of donation to pre- identified projects by LRF
  • Properly issued contribution receipt (for tax exemption) whenever applicable
  • Complimentary policy & position statements, as required by events
  • Annual activity report and audited financial reports pertaining to LRF activities
  • Complimentary & regular reports shared by LRF & selected organizations
  • Annual get-together in central continental locations and gathering with visiting members of LRF’s governance.