Purpose of Grant
Funds and pro-bono services are intended for members of civil society and non-profit organizations, who can attest that the grant purpose furthers Lebanon Renaissance Foundation's educational and charitable purposes.


Supported activities should meet at least one of these objectives:


Encourage attitude change and educational initiatives aimed at strengthening a culture of dialogue, democracy, transparency and meritocracy in Lebanon.


Improve civil society access to greater resources and encourage shared working platforms favoring State and citizen values.


Raise awareness of the importance of ensuring Lebanon is not overwhelmed by regional conflicts to secure its role in anchoring peace and tolerance in the Middle East.


Size of Grants
Grants usually vary between US$10,000 and US$100,000 or equivalent in Lebanese Pounds


Duration of Grants
All projects should be completed within 18 months of grant initiation.


Allowable Grants
Programs and/or activities that are typically funded may include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational and research activities compliant with the Foundation's programs pertaining to political reform, human capital.
  • Educational activities favoring the modernization and standardization of core curriculum in public and private schools while reflecting religious diversity.
  • Vocational training and civil services empowerment.
  • Public awareness and civic educational programs favoring attitude change while promoting reform.
  • Activities requiring increased visibility or shared working platforms in the areas of communication, and preservation of Lebanese patrimony values.


Activities that may not be funded

  • Activities that do not comply with Lebanon Renaissance Foundation's exempt purposes or do not meet the terms of the compliance principles (see Compliance Notice at the end of the application)
  • Partisan projects or activities related to electioneering.
  • Activities of a commercial or profit-making nature.
  • Activities promoting religion and sectarianism.
  • Scholarships, medical and social welfare projects.
  • Purchase of non-performing assets (unless part of a broader program).