• Charles El-Hage, President
    Former Senior Vice President, Booz & Company. El-Hage has 25 years of worldwide management consulting experience, including 15 years as Managing Partner of Booz Allen Hamilton in the Middle East. El-Hage has initiated and led a variety of high-profile national programs in Lebanon and other countries in the Region. These include the Jordan National Agenda, the UAE National Governance Redesign, Egypt Public Sector Reform, and Lebanon Socio-Economic Vision, as well as creation of the Program Office for implementing the commitments resulting from the Paris III Donors Conference. El-Hage is currently involved in governance functions with a variety of Middle East companies and non-profit organizations.
  • Malek Mrowa, Vice-President
    Mrowa sits on numerous boards of leading Lebanese corporations. He is the former owner and General Manager of Al Hayat Newspaper (London) and The Daily Star (Beirut). Mrowa is a political activist and a board member of the Lebanese Press Association since 1993. He participated in the Cedar Revolution and is a regular host of various charitable NFPs events in Lebanon.
  • Philippe Massoud, Treasurer
    Consultant and CEO of International Hospitality Investments. Massoud is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Resort Development, Middle Eastern Studies and Finance. Massoud was an active participant in the Cedar Revolution of 2005, and remains active among the Lebanese Diaspora in the U.S. He is also a member of American-based non-profits “Seeds of Peace” and “SEAL” (Social Economical Action for Lebanon).
  • Amanda Nimmer, Secretary
    Nimmer joined the Foundation as a volunteer from a start-up strategic communications company where she was involved in activities ranging from business development and marketing to contracting and finance.